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2013 New Year Letter from Angela Zhang

Publish Date: 2013-09-09
Happy Chinese New Year!

          As the club president, you must be very busy helping your club members to learn and grow. Wish you enjoy this wonderful learning journey. I still remember, when I was the club president in 2008-2009, I was almost the youngest officer in my team. My club almost died one year ago, so when I took over the president role, I knew I have a lot to go. I always believe that, the best way to learn, is to learn from the best. I took my club members to visit different clubs in my city, to watch the Division Contests in Hong Kong, and to join the District Conference. You can imagine, when my fellow members came back from those events, how excited they were. They were inspired by the excellent people on the stage, and the passion from other members in the community. When they grew up, it's much easier for me to lead the club.

          I asked my mentor Kevin Zou, the IPP at that time, how to know if I am successful as a club president? He said, your success is my success. So if you want to be successful, make sure your successors be successful. I keep those words in my heart from then on.
         我曾经问我的导师Kevin Zou,当时的上任主席,我怎么才知道作为一个主席,我是否成功了呢?他说:你的成功就是我的成功。所以,如果你想成功,你就要想尽办法让你的接任者成功。他的这番话,多年以来一直放在我的心里。

          Dear club Presidents, yes, it's not easy to do the job. You need to devote your time, your energy to serve the club and members. However, you set the tone of your club. You could be positive or negative. You could be happy or unhappy when facing difficulties. How you act represents who you are, and represents the club culture in the end. I encourage you to take this great opportunity as a club president to learn how to deal with people, how to deal with difficulties, how to lead and create a dynamic culture in your club with passion and love. So that when you finish your president role, you are proud to say, I am successful, because I made a successful team in my club!

         The club President role is just a start in the Toastmasters leadership journey. You could become the area governor, division governon and district governor or more, as long as you keep growing and achieving here. Reserve the date May 24th(Fri) for yourself and join the District Council meeting, you would be proud of being part of it, because this is the moment that you could be inspired by the candidates who are willing to serve in our community. And most important of all, you're going to be on the stage, ONE DAY!

          Here I attached the Guangzhou Conference Promotion video, the interview for Jana in 2008, and 2 club newsletters for your reference. Also, the Education and Training awards for 2011-2012 has been sent to your Division Governors already. Please make sure to get your awards from them.

          I look forward to seeing you soon in the District Council meeting on May 24th!

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