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District 89 Newsletter October 2016 Issue

Publish Date: 2016-11-17

The District 89 newsletter October issue celebrates:
The honor those great speakers earned in Macau Conference
The victory that Kunming won over holding the 2017 Fall Conference
The contribution officers and directors constantly made to the growth of clubs, areas and division
And last but not least, the educational achievement D89 members achieved.
Follow me deep into this issue and relish the joy together.

Macau Conference

What makes a successful Conference?

Productive council meeting, exhilarating speech contests, inspiring workshops and tons of laughter and applause!

Take a look at the pictures from LIVE!

Council Meeting



第一名:韩玉涛 《那一夜,我的第一次》

第二名:方锡源 《按摩店神曲》

第三名:姚瑶  《鸡肋》


District 89 English Humorous Speech Contest Final

1st Place: Andrew Yeung

2nd Place: Yogesh Kapoor

3rd Place: Kingsley Lau

District 89 Speech Evaluation Contest Final

1st Place: Yogesh Kapoor

2nd Place: Andrew Yeung

3rd Place: Vic She

From Speaker to Trainer

Do you know FSTT? Do you want to know how it applies in your work and life? Learn about FSTT from District Parliamentarian Alan Page.

Wow! No, I’m not referring to the Chengdu Spring Conference with its theme “Wonder of Words”.

In the English language the word “wow” has many meanings. As an exclamation – “expressing astonishment or admiration”. As a noun – “a sensational success”, and as a verb – “impress and excite someone greatly”.  Every one of those definitions can describe the Toastmasters Workshop “From Speaker To Trainer” (FSTT), that exciting multi-hour session to train new workshop trainers. FSTT can easily be called the “Workshop Of Workshops”. WOW!...”

Click here to read more.

Hall of Fame

What else do we have in Macau Conference?

We honor those who have dedicated their service to Toastmasters during 2015 and 2016.

The pictures above show only part of the list.

Stay tuned for the complete award list.  

Education achievement

Congratulations to the members who have reached another milestone in their education program!

What’s their key to success? We are all ears!


Joly Xu, ActNow Chengdu Toastmasters Club

Competent Leader

"It's my honor to receive CL education award. Joining toastmaster is most Correct decision I have made in my life. I met many interesting and excellent people here, I improved my communication and leadership skill here. Million thanks to the people who gave me a lot help during my toastmasters journey. I will continue to new heights at next advanced level in toastmasters."

Echo Long, Happy Family 1

Competent Leader

"It's really a long way for me to get the achievement of CL since I have joined TM for more than 5 years. I know I can learn more only if I insist on this stage."

Angel Yao, Mattel Shenzhen China

Competent Communicator

" Toastmaster international is a magic place, you can be who you want to be, and you are becoming the one you want to be, you can be anything. A very luxury education for those lucky people which included me. Just the way to go!!! I love Toastmaster international, I love my family-our fellow members, we helped each other, we cheer up for each other, we grow together. How awesome it is!



Liang Qiaoqiong of A.A.C.T.P GZ Toastmasters

Competent Communicator

"Thanksgiving!Every time to make a speech, is a new thinking about my own past, present and future, with a new interpretation and perspective.

Hope to get better experience from the speech in the future!"

Shine Jiang, United Pacers Toastmasters Club

Advanced Leader Bronze

"To achieve the ALB award based on CC & CL program completion, I have served as club officer VPE for half year, attended Club officer training and shared Meeting Roles & Responsibilities and Education Program during new member orientation. By practicing these roles, I have known more detail about TM organization & benefit a lot from it as well. Learn by doing, start from anytime, I can make it, everyone can make it too."

Doris Wang, United Pacers Toastmasters Club

Competent Communicator

My company human resource colleague introduced toastmaster at first, I have no idea about toastmaster before this. My mentor Shine encouraged me to attend and enjoy it. Toastmaster is absolutely a great organization but the success of this program depends on YOU person. Participants practice and learn skills by filling each meeting role, ranging from giving a prepared speech or an impromptu one to serving as timer, evaluator or grammarian. Look back the past, toastmasters has been proved to be a very effective way to improve individual’s communication & leadership skill. Thank you.

For more sharing from District 89 members, stay tuned for the following issue!

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