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Publish Date: 2016-11-16
Authored by Allan Page, DTM, District Parliamentarian 2016-2017
Wow! No, I’m not referring to the Chengdu Spring Conference with its theme “Wonder of Words”.

In the English language the word “wow” has many meanings. As an exclamation – “expressing astonishment or admiration”. As a noun – “a sensational success”, and as a verb – “impress and excite someone greatly”.  Every one of those definitions can describe the Toastmasters Workshop “From Speaker To Trainer” (FSTT), that exciting multi-hour session to train new workshop trainers. FSTT can easily be called the “Workshop Of Workshops”. WOW!

As the designated official trainer for Kunming and Chongqing I thought it was a good idea to first attend as a student when the program was launched in Hong Kong during August. That was a wise decision!

Even with most of the materials provided to us the workshop required almost a month of preparation, several multi-hour planning meetings with my workshop partner and Kunming’s second official trainer, Division Director Angela Chen, and an entire day to print workshop materials for the students.

These documents are just the pre-workshop handouts. There’s more later on.

Now, on this cold and rainy October day in Kunming, which is Way Out West (WOW), we introduced FSTT to the senior members in this city.

Module 1 – From Speaker to Trainer – introduces the important difference between those two roles.

Module 2 is all about adult learning theory, and Angela is an expert in these field.

Here Angela introduces us to “Bloom’s Taxonomy”, which is about how adults learn.

We introduced several training methodologies in module 3.  Here we have Tony Yang and Ariel Santos participating in a role play activity.

Module 4 is about Facilitation skills. Here, Tony Yang gives his observations to a group after their discussion.

Module 4 also had a session for dealing with difficult people. Angela conducted a great session on this important topic.

I wrapped up module 5 with a session on how to evaluate a training workshop. It’s really quite different from speech evaluation.

FSTT is intended to train more experienced members as workshop trainers. It’s not really appropriate for beginners. Hong Kong has a minimum entry requirement of CC/CL, but we had to lower it a bit for Kunming and Chongqing (my next stop) to have enough students for a class.

Almost every city in District 89 has a designated official trainer. I strongly recommend that all senior members should make an effort to attend a workshop in your area. It’s intense, it’s insightful, and it’s worth every minute of your time.

Finally, I have to give thanks to Steve Yu, District Training Coordinator, Program Quality Committee, who introduced FSTT to the district, and also to Andrew Yeung and Roberto Fong from Competitive Speakers Hong Kong TMC who developed the training materials which go far beyond the level of that provided by Toastmasters International.

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