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District 89 Newsletter September 2016 Issue

Publish Date: 2016-10-12

Happy Holidays! How time always flies in holidays, but Toastmasters never slower their pace in moving forward.

Now, have a glance of what we have achieved in September.


Renew your membership

September is the golden time to recharge your Toastmasters membership balance.

Keeping your membership healthy is extremely important for you to continue your Toastmasters journey.

How well do we do in membership renewal?

Congratulations to Division E/G/M/S who are honored to achieve 100% renewal rate!

New Club List

Toastmasters embraces new blood from all round the world.  Let's send our warmest regards to the new clubs in District 89.

They are Fyrnetics Toastmasters Club, Professional Trainers Toastmasters Club and Jabil Joules Toastmasters Club

Find the detailed information of our new family member as below.

Fall Speech Contest

Speech contests of club, area and division levels have been held continuously.

Amusing, inspiring and touching stories are well engraved in each and every audience.

Enjoyment, excitement and amazement are perfectly framed in the photos.

Look forward to more spectacular contests? Keep the timetable of division speech contests in below and go witness the birth of great stories and excellent contestants!

Macau Conference: Final-round Ticket on Sale

Where will the final Fall Speech Contest take place this year? A multi-cultural city, Macau!

The final round ticket to Macau Conference is for sale now.

If you want to represent your club in district conference, to enjoy District 89 Fall contest, to have a feast of insightful workshops and to explore Macau, buy a ticket now!

Click here to check out a district conference message from International President. (Kindly note the video in the link is limited to users outside mainland China)

Final round ticket is HK$1630 or RMB1440. The ticket includes all contests, workshops, Saturday lunch, coffee/tea breaks, and the unforgettable seafood buffet gala dinner on Saturday night.


How to buy a ticket?

In Hong Kong, please contact ticket agent Kiki Chow for payment details. areadirectortm@gmail.com

In China, go to Alipay and look up Macau 2016 Conference (苏美玲)

Member sharing

What does it take to win a contest? Practice, progress and promise in your educational programs are key to your success.

Struggling as you may find it to accomplish your projects, learn from the role models in District 89!

Fang Haiyan, Canton King Toastmasters Club

Competent Leader

Toastmasters realized 2 of my dreams. I joined TM with the thought of “what if United Nations invites me to speak in their global meeting?” And 10 months later, I realized this dream. I made an 8-mins speech in United Nations Geneva Meeting and followed with 15 mins Q&A. Amazing experience! I have another dream, to improve other people’s life or change their life. So 5 months later, I created a new TMC in my company to help their communication and leadership skills to realize their dreams. Join TM, make your dream come true.“

Emily Ho, Oasis Toastmasters Club

Competent Communicator

"Making impossible Possible. It has always been a great challenge for me to speak in front of a crowd. Thanks to the encouragement from fellow members in the club, I move on to deliver the speeches one by one. Even though nervousness still exist, I feel magical that I am able to complete the CC project and had overcome the need to use notes. Recently, I had joined the contests and luckily obtained a few trophies. The exposure to listen to other contestants has opened my eyes and there are still a lot of skills & techniques for me to learn. I am grateful to have the opportunity to get in touch with Toastmasters."

Chan Ching Ki, South Horizons Toastmasters Club

Competent Communicator

"I am privileged to complete all my CCs within a year. As I say bye to my CC manual, ACB says hello to me. A comely beginning to Advanced Communication Bronze. I would like to take this opportunity to thank toastmasters who have given me support and speaking slots throughout the year. I would say the pathway in completing CCs was never easy but it is truly rewarding as I have significantly improved my public speaking. After all, I still stick to my favourite quote: Life is short, but you’re here to flower. Keep aspiring to inspire before I expire."

John Chiva, Ocean Toastmasters Club

Advanced Communicator Bronze

"There is so much to gain through toastmasters!! Although for me personally, my focus is on speaking, I’ve had the pleasure to get so much more. The social side of TM makes it easy to attend meetings, for most of us. I want to give back: taking on facilitators roles always make me feel that I am supporting the meetings and helping improve other peoples enjoyment; being an evaluator is to support someone’s confidence and speaking and wishing people happy birthday is a pleasant daily WhatsApp task.

When I am not at TM speaking, I am speaking about TM."

Zola Yuan, Shenzhen Sunshine Toastmasters Club

Advanced Leader Silver, Leadership Excellence (HPL)

"My process of achieving ALS & HLP definitely is a Toastmaster TEAM work. I was aboard for 4 months through my Area Director period and was not able to attend many of the key activities. My area assistants Ivan Ray, Lara Liu, Stacy Tao and Fiona Gong proactively took responsibilities to visit and support clubs, they took initiatives and led many programs at both area and division levels successfully. With the mentorship and guidance from IPD Maxwell Lee and Wizard Zhou, Ivan and Lara are now Area Directors, Stacy and Fiona had made their breakthroughs as well. I think all of them shall deserve an HLP award"

Ryan Wu, SCAU Toastmasters Club

Advanced Communicator Gold, Competent Leader

"ACG: Achieving the Advanced Communication Gold does not mean I graduated from Toastmasters Communication program, instead, it means I got another journey to begins.

CL: Completed the Competent Leader for the second time is quite a different journey. Right????"

For more sharing from District 89 members, stay tuned for the following issues!

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