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District 89 Newsletter June 2016 Issue

Publish Date: 2016-07-24

District 89 Newsletter June 2016 Issue

Congratulations to 2016-2017 District 89 EXCOM!
A new Toastmasters year embraces the birth of a brand new District 89 EXCOM.

If you want to know them better, stay tuned for more updates in the coming issues.

As District 89 Director of the year, Kelly Guo would like to share with us the district vision she depicts for the new term.

Our District Vision This Year is CFD - Create, Foster and Delegate

C is for Create. We create a high-quality, satisfying and enjoyable member experience.
The core value of Toastmasters and of our district is to serve members’ needs. Whether we are district officers or club officers we are also members. As such, not only do we create high-quality, satisfying and enjoyable experience for members, we also enjoy the fruits of our labor ourselves as members.
F is for Foster. We foster a diverse culture with harmony, respect and understanding.
We are uniquely diverse because our district covers HK, Macau and PRC. Yes, we sometimes have differences but they are outweighed by advantages and benefits of the diversity. With an attitude of harmony, respect, and understanding, our diversity is our strength, and unity our power.
D is for Delegate. We delegate and empower leaders and members to discover their potentials and fulfill their goals.
As leaders, learning to delegate and empower team members is one of the most important leadership skills we should possess. This will benefit both ourselves and the team members. By doing so we are creating and nurturing talented and capable leaders for our Toastmasters community.
So, this is our district vision, CFD - create, foster and delegate. This will be the direction we are working towards in the coming year. We aim to have all members satisfied with their Toastmasters experience while nurturing more qualified and capable leaders for our district.


District 89 EXCOM are ready to serve you!

First Round Club Officer Training in 2016

A well-built club officer team, great support of district leaders, promises the comprehensive growth of a club.
A well-organized club officer training (COT) promises a strong club officer team.
The first round COT in the new term has been held successively and successfully.


For details of COT, please refer to the following schedule.

Winners of Beat-the-Clock Program

Beat-the-Clock aims to award clubs which add 5 new members in May and June, serving as one of the incentives to achieve DCP (read more for DCP in the following letter).

Congratulations to the winning clubs! 

Wiiners of Beat-the-Clock

DCP at a Glance

What is Distinguished Club Program (DCP)?

The Distinguished Club Program is an annual program, running from July 1 through June 30. 
The program consists of 10 goals your club should strive to achieve using the Club Success Plan as your guide. 

Goals to Achieve

Following are the goals your club should strive to achieve during the year:

DCP Goals

To help you keep track of your progress toward these goals throughout the year, updated reports are posted daily on the Toastmasters International website here.


When your club meets the qualifying requirement and also does the following, it is eligible for Distinguished Club recognition at year-end:

DCP recognition

For more detailed information of DCP, please refer to the DISTINGUISHED CLUB PROGRAM AND CLUB SUCCESS PLAN manual.

Missing out Beat-the-Clock, COT and other fun Toastmasters activities? Getting prepared for building a distinguished club? Check out the District 89 calendar of 2016-2017!  

District 89 Calendar 2016-2017

District 89 calendar empowers you with a planned Toastmasters year.

D89 Calendar 2016-2017 

Stay tuned. You don't want to miss what's coming up in District 89.

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