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2016 June Members' Education Achievements

Publish Date: 2016-06-25

Zhu, Rick of Dream Action Family Toastmasters

Education Achievement: Advanced Communication Bronze (ACB)

"It was a wonderful experience to finish my ACB journey. To be honest, I took 2 years to finish this journey, at the beginning, I was reluctant to make  my speech, seems that I have nothing to speak, however, thanks to VPE and President of my club, they keep inviting me to make the speech, surprisingly, I found the speech I made inspired the audience to take action, I truly think my speech is valuable. I made the right decision. I also made a progress! I will keep going, start my ACS journey."

Kwok, Irene of Hong Kong Achievers Toastmasters Club
Education Achievement: Advanced Communication Gold (ACG)

"Being a conscientious and serious person, I desire to be transformed through Toastmasters. The Entertaining Speaker and Humorously Speaking are the two AC Manuals I challenged myself towards the ACB award in 2013. After completing the manuals, I found myself more humorous than before as I saw smiling faces when I tried to be subtle and humorous. 

To me, Storytelling, and Special Occasion Speeches are interesting and relatively easy AC Manuals to complete for the ACS award in 2014. On top of that, I gave two presentations to achieve the ACS recognition.

Next I had my eyes on Interpretive Reading and Speaking to Inform in 2015, manuals I chose for ACG award. “You are courageous, Irene. I dared not choose Interpretive Reading as it is very difficult,” Esther Lee, HK Achievers’ DTM said when she evaluated my Project 4 The Play. I successfully acted out the three characters from Beauty and the Beast, got the Best Speaker Award, and Esther got the Best Evaluator Award, a win-win situation. The most difficult part of the ACG recognition is to conduct a presentation from the Leadership or Communication Series, and I chose the most challenging part: Working in the Team Environment as I want to be a true leader. 

You can see that my toastmasters journey from CC to ACG is timed for self- improvement. It is killing two birds with one stone: I gain confidence and enhancement, and HK Achievers TMC gets Distinguished Club Program Goals (DCP Goals). This is how Toastmasters International helps me with its Education Program. It is a brilliant program that benefits you, him, her and me!"

Xie, Zoe of CARE Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Communication (CC)

"I am good.

I can be better.

In Toastmasters International, I try my best."

Chang, Wayne of Wetalk Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Communication (CC)

"No matter when and where, we shall always keep learning to improve to achieve better and higher!

With Toastmasters, I found the best stage to grow with fellow toastmasters!

I got the meaning of “From Zero to Hero”, during this path, I will be always encouraged by you guys my dear fellow toastmasters, by our great OSRAM Lightify Club!

With the all CCs and Contests I did, I know there is lots of surprise waiting for me, I can do better and more!

Thanks for all the support and guidance from Toastmasters!

Keep doing and never give up!"

Liang, Eric of Shenzhen  Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Communication (CC)

"A Happy Year

I joined SZTM in April 2016. In the past one year, not only did I complete my CC and CL, but also I severed SZTMC as a president, IPP and will be the Area Director in the incoming new term. It's great experience in my life. I serve, I learn and I am happy. I overcame my stage fright, improved my public speaking skills and practiced my leadership skills. If you want to learn more, join Toastmasters. If you want to get more, serve more."

Yip, Theresa of Island Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Communication (CC)

"Dear fellow toastmaster,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for supports and assistants from all of Island toastmaster members, specially our current president Brian Ng and Rainbow Lee.

Without CC project, I am still an inner person and have insufficient confidences while speaking English in front of people.

Without 10 speeches, I can’t imagine that I could make a breakthrough for myself. Each one speech is encouraging me to run away comfortable zone and reach a new inspiration. Everyone evaluator had given me a lot of useful improvements.

Without Toastmaster, I might stay my comfortable zone for whole life. Toastmaster makes our every single one shining in the sky."

Yip, Theresa of Island Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Communication (CC)

"The Journey to CC Award has been a remarkable experience. It is comprised of unforgettable moments on the stage, helpful mentors that guide me through the way and dear friends who I call family. I would like to thank my club Chung Chi College Toastmasters Club and all the Toastmasters who have given me advice and encouraged me to complete the CC Manual.  This learning experience is very valuable to enhancing my communication skills and personal growth, and the Award is icing on the cake!"

Lin, Dekker of JNU Skyland Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Leadership(CL)


Qiu, Florence of Canton King Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Leadership(CL)

"“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." 在没有开始加入头马之前,我还不能这么深切地理解这句话的意思。从一开始紧张,到强迫自己担任角色,到最后从容自信地争取多上台,这一路我们收获了很多美好的时光,很多成长的故事。感谢头马,希望有更多的朋友和会员在CC, CL的路上探索这句话的真谛!"

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