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2016 May Members' Education Achievements

Publish Date: 2016-05-22

Zhao, Sky of New Experience Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Advanced Communication Bronze (ACB)

"Someone said, ''if I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family. From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have been able to better my country, and who knows, I may have even changed the world.'' I fully agree on what he said.
Toastmasters changed me. In my 4 years’ trip in Toastmasters, I got a lot of positive energies. My family, my friends and even my career benefit a lot from it. I enjoy the times that I spent on every toastmaster meeting.

Poon, Samuel Wang Leung of Hong Kong Achievers Toastmasters Club
Education Achievement: Advanced Communication Silver (ACS)

"What a fruitful journey on my Road to ACS! Instead of using this space to describe how good I felt, I would like to share

with you my key findings that helped me tremendously along the way.  For those who have just joined Toastmasters, find

a good mentor.  It’ll give you a great kick start and makes the difference between you staying in Toastmasters for only 2

months and 20 years.  For those who just got their CC, I understand.  Many people stopped here instead of continuing 

onwards because they don’t know which Advanced manuals to go on and each additional manual costs money.  If you

don’t know where to start, I suggest two ways: (1) Just ask! Toastmasters are positive friendly Earthlings; (2) I 

recommend starting with “Entertaining Speaker” and “Storytelling” AC manuals (You get 2 free AC manuals once you 

complete your CC).  After that, you may consider “Speaking to Inform”, “Humorously Speaking”, or “Speeches by 

Management”.  My greatest breakthrough came after doing the “Storytelling” AC manual when my vocal variety improved.  

So hopefully these tips will make you realize the joys of diving into the ocean of Advanced manuals, and bringing about 

improvement in your life."

Yu, Ho Wing Lawrence of Hong Kong University ASA Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Advanced Communication Silver (ACS)

"Since reaching the ACB in 2015, I haven't stopped challenging myself in public speaking. I

have to admit that I was once a serious speaker lacking a sense of humor. I used to believe
that humor is something people are born with rather than something people acquire through
learning. Hence, I restricted my speech to technical and professional area. Later, I found that
what matters is how you share but not what you share. Without any story or metaphor in your
speech, people might not fully understand a theory. I began to craft my speeches with jokes,
punch lines and stories to lighten them up. One time, my friend left me a note that said, “This
is the funniest speech I have ever heard”. Maybe the power of humor is to explain the hardest

things by leaving a smile."

Huang, Nancy of Presidents Advanced Toastmasters Club
Education Achievement: Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB)

"After serving as a club secretary &president and Assistant Division I Director Club Growth 2015-2016, I grow up so 

quickly as a Toastmasters leader who cares about our members, loves sharing and supports all kinds of activities. At

this special time, I really want to appreciate our toastmasters for giving me opportunities to learn by doing, and most

importantly I want to say “thank you” to our members who help and support me from the bottom of heart. Achieving 

ALB is just the beginning of my leadership learning, I will keep growing and keep serving. To be a better leader in the


Yao, Gavin of Zhongshan Toastmasters Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Communication (CC)

"If I haven’t met Toastmasters, I might not even make 10 speeches in my life time. However, As a Toastmaster, speech has already become part of my life. After 10 speeches plus one term of Club President, I found my confidence of speaking is just there.

Besides confidence, I get many more from my CC journey. I have always been thinking what can be a good topic in my next speech, so I have to be more aware of my ordinary life than others. Moreover, I also look for new experience in my life, which will become a new source of speech topic, as well as a new source of leadership.



Han, Frieda of Xuedu Metropolis Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Communication (CC)

"To get to the milestone of CC 10 has been an enriching experience: building up public speaking skills by reading the manual, delivering the speeches and taking in the feedback from Toastmaster peers. During the process my speech diction, delivery and speech style were polished and forged, which contribute to help me to be a unique, better and more effective speaker. Accomplishing CC 10 is brand new start for higher goals and further improvement. Lifelong learning, practicing and constant improving to be a better self make my life meaningful. It is great to be in Toastmaster international clubs.

Thanks to Toastmasters at Massey University, Sun Yat-sen University, Xuedu Metropolis TM and other Toastmaster clubs in Kunming for helping me to grow with helpful feedback."

Zhong, Fubin of Maoming Chinese Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Leadership (CL)


Sun, Duncan of Mattel Shenzhen Toastmasters Club

Education Achievement: Competent Leadership (CL)

"To be honest, it’s not an easy job to get the CL award within 7 months. I did work very hard. But, without the great support of my Fellow Club Members and Officers, especially our club Founding President, Yang Wan, I just could not make it. And without the just-in-time support from Area 02, Division I, and Brother and Sister Clubs’ Officers, Michael Li, Kai Marcel Dodel, Nancy Huang, Frederic Fang, Miki Yue, Mark Feng, etc.,  I just could not make it. Thank you all!!! I’m so lucky and grateful for having you around me on the journey to DTM!

Let’s learn, practice, improve, grow and have fun together!"

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