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Appointment of 2016 District 89 Chengdu Spring Conference Chairs

Publish Date: 2015-09-12
On behalf of District Director Derek WONG, DTM, I am delighted to announce the following appointment.

Queenie Fan, ACB, ALB, as 2016 Chengdu Spring Conference Chair, District 89


2014-2015, Division P Governor Assistant- Marketing, President Distinguished Division

2013-2014, Area P1 Governor, President Distinguished Area

2013-2014, Club sponsor & club mentor for Chengdu Hallo TMC, Simple TMC, 

2012-2013, President of Chengdu TMC, President Distinguished Club

Home Club: Chengdu TMC

I joined Toastmasters in early 2011, I thought Toastmasters was only one of the many English corners. I was there because I was only looking for a little bit of diversion after work. The surprises are, in the past four years, Toastmasters has taken my countless time and efforts, and I made many friends as well as found my mentors in various perspectives. Except in English learning, oastmasters helped meto know how to get along with other people, help others develop. In Toastmasters we learn to make plans for work and achieve our goals. As I deepen my understanding of Toastmasters, I started to attend various speech contests and conferences. Inspired by the fierce brainstorming in the middle of the conferences, and touched by the revolutionary friendship behind the stages, my team fellows and I hope to bring Toastmasters spirit back to Chengdu and we sincerely invite every Toastmaster members to Chengdu.


For us, this is going to be a precious opportunity to spread widely the seeds of Toastmasters like dandelions. For you, this is going to be a wonderful experience to explore this historical and splendid city, to deepen your understanding of Toastmasters and to perceive Toastmasters or your life from a new perspective. Welcome all of you to Chengdu. Chengdu Can do, you can do.

Brian Liu, as 2016 Chengdu Spring Conference Co-Chair, District 89



Brian Liu
2015.6-Now, Area P1 Director, Division P
2014.6-2015.6, President of ActNow TMC
Home Club: ActNow TMC
I guess a lot of Toastmasters in China are like me – Very willing to attend a Toastmasters conference but failed to have the opportunity due to various limitations… So now comes the precious opportunity for us to participate and enjoy the wonderful Toastmasters conference in a splendid city - Chengdu!
As I am now joining a superb team to organize the 2016 Chengdu Spring Conference, I am pretty sure the conference in Chengdu will absolutely be a memorable one (I am not only taking about the history, delicious food and beautiful girls here in Chengdu:=P). So just imagine, upon the closure of the conference, you can say to yourself: “Thank goodness I made the right decision to join this conference in Chengdu! I even start to miss everything here!”
So for all of you, please give yourself the opportunity to be part of something big to participate in Chengdu Spring Conference!
Welcome all of you to Chengdu. Chengdu Can do, you can do.


Kelly GUO, DTM

Program Quality Director 2015-2016

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