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84th International Convention updates by Program Quality Director Kelly Guo, DTM

Publish Date: 2015-08-30 Fellow Toastmasters,

Several days have passed since the convention concluded but every moment of the convention was still vivid and memorable in my mind. First, thank you for the great trust and support you have given me to serve our district and have this great opportunity to participate in the International Convention. The 6-day tightly-scheduled convention was indeed inspiring, educational, informative, creative and enjoyable. I am more than happy to share with you my great moments and memories from the 84th Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas from August 10 to August 15, 2015.

Moments and Memories 1

District Leader Training

It was a two-day training for all district leaders around the world. The training was very informative and interactive with lots of discussion and brainstorming. It is always educational and inspiring to exchange ideas with other district leaders and to learn some new strategies which can be implemented to better our district. I did learn some wonderful ideas on holding a quality and fun conference, conducting effective district contest, helping more clubs to achieve distinguished status and making members get quality experience in Toastmasters.

One of the ideas in the training that I do remember during the “Meet the Experts-Program Quality Director” session: “Toastmasters is not where egos are made.” When we, as Toastmasters leaders, propel into higher positions, it’s easy to inflate your ego as well but we must remember that Toastmasters is a non-profit service organization and that we are here to serve. It doesn’t matter which office position you are in; it matters what responsibility you have on your shoulders and how much you want to give to this organization.

Moments and Memories 2

Hall of Fame

It was a great honor representing District 89 and standing on the huge stage in front of 2400 Toastmasters around the world to receive an award from our international president Muhammed Murad for our outstanding accomplishments in 2014 -2015. This great honor belongs to all of you as a member of District 89. Thank you so much for your great contribution and continued support to our district!


Moments and Memories 3

International Directors Candidates Interview

Derek, Matt and I represented our district and interviewed 17 International Director Candidates and 2 floor candidates. During each interview, I was always motivated and inspired by their passion, enthusiasm and long-term contribution and commitment to Toastmasters. They are the real delegates of our Toastmasters Values: Respect, Service, Excellence and Integrity.

Moments and Memories 4

Making the Club Experience Meaningful

This workshop was conducted by our district’s old friend Dana LaMon. Dana LaMon is a World Champion and Accredited Speaker and he was the keynote speaker in Hangzhou 2012 Spring Conference. I learned 4 pillars to ensure members having a meaningful club experience.

Pillar 1- Growth

If you stop growing, you start dying. Are you growing every day? Toastmasters is to add meaning to our day-to-day life. Break your routine by doing it in a different way, challenge yourself and try something new.

Pillar 2- Self-definition

Define who you are. Define what is unique about your club.

Pillar 3- Connection

You cannot take friends wherever you are but you make friends wherever you are. We human beings are social animals. How do you connect?

Pillar 4- Purpose

We should live our purposes. Three dimensions of purpose are universal purpose, individual purpose and incidental purpose. What’s your purpose?


You can ask the above 4 questions to test for meaningfulness of yourself and your club as well.

Moments and Memories 5

Region 13 Gathering

This event was held before the President’s Inauguration celebration. It’s not a region gathering but a family gathering. Isn’t it great to celebrate the past-year’s achievements and recognize the immediate past Region 13 leaders as well as to announce every district’ goal for the new term and to celebrate and congratulate the newly elected leaders with family together? You may be confused why I keep saying it’s a family. In the past year under the leadership of Region13 Adviser Kazuko Kawauchi and International Director Deepak Menon, all district leaders in Region 13 shared and exchanged difficulties and best practice. Even though we are in different countries we interacted a lot by helping each other on Facebook, email and whatsapp. I feel like we are just like a family and we will continue to do our best and help each other in the term of 2015 - 2016.


Moments and Memories 6

President’s Inauguration Celebration

Dine and dance in elegance at this extravagant closing event. It’s amazing to celebrate all the achievements with Toastmasters around the world. It was both reunion and farewell with old Toastmasters friends as well as making new Toastmasters friends. This definitely made me feel proud and honored of being a Toastmasters in this great non-profit organization helping others and at the same time improving ourselves.

I have shared many moments and memories but in fact I have more to share. But I will stop here and I encourage you to participate in the 2015 District 89 Xiamen Fall Conference from Nov 6th - 8th to experience it yourselves. I believe it will be inspiring, educational and informative conference for you.

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