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Toastmasters Educational Program

June 2016 Area Directors Training File - HK

June 2016 Area Directors Training File - PRC

Better Speech Series

Leadership Excellence Series  

Successful Club Series

December 2016 District Officers Training Files-HKGO

December 2016 District Officers Training Files-Mainland

D89 2016 1st Round Club Officers Training Sample Agenda

D89 2016 2nd Round Club Officers Training Sample Agenda

D89 2017 Club Coach Training Materials and Video Links

Resources for All Members

Updating Personal Info on TI

Club Meeting Roles


e-book shared by Tom Ware

Toastmasters Rules - FAQs

Resources for Officers

Getting Comfortable with Club Central

Add New/Dual/Reinstated Members & Pay Dues in TI

Club Officer Tools & DCP & Club Success Plan

Club DCP Performance 

The Role of Mentor

New Member Orientation Workshop and Resources 

Mentoring Workshop and Resources

DOT China DEC17 Training Materials 

D89 Calendars for Club/Area/Divisions 2017 - 2018

Speech Contest

Contest Kit 2017-2018                

Why Join Speech Contests - Josephine Lee

Chinese Humorous Speech Contest Package 2017-18

MC Script for Mandarin Prepared Speech Contest 普通话备稿演讲比赛主持稿

Speech Contest Tutorials

Speech Contest FAQs  

D89 Judges and Contest Chair Training Materials and Video Links

District Matters

District Reformation Proposal 

District 89 2017-2018 District Leadership Committee

District 89 2017-2018 Nomination Papers 

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

District Officers 2017-2018

District Officers 2016-2017

District Officers 2015-2016

Youth Leadership Program & Gavel Clubs

Youth Programs

Gavel Clubs

New Club Development

How to Start a New Club

Nine Steps to Building a New Toastmasters Club

New Club Promotion Package

New Club Charter Package 12AUG17

Speechcraft 07JUL17

Club Sponsor, Mentor and Coach Training


Open Day Package
Newly Chartered Club Package

Administrative Reminder

District Conferences & International Conventions

Macau Fall Conference 2016

Hong Kong Spring Conference 2015

Huizhou Fall Conference 2013

Chengdu Fall Conference 2012

Shenzhen Fall Conference 2009  

International Conventions

Member and Club Rewards for Achievement

Club and Membership Growth Rewards

Education and DCP Rewards

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