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2017 Kunming Fall Conference 89大区历史最后一届秋季峰会 票抢得太快!所剩不多!

Publish Date: 2017-05-24

Last Fall Conference ever! Don't miss the chance to attend it especially as it is in the beautiful city of Kunming.

We are excited to confirm the following appointments:

Angela Chen , as District 89 November 2017 Kunming Conference Chair

Will Liu, CC ALB, as District 89 November 2017 Kunming Conference Co-Chair

Sisi Zhang, CC CL as District 89 November 2017 Kunming Conference Co-Chair

Angela Chen CC ALB

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2017-2018 Training Chair, PQD Team
2016-2017 Division Y Director, 
2015-2016 Area Director, Area P5 
2014-2015 Founding President of Match Toastmaster Club
2008-2009 Vice President for Membership, Rich Del Toastmaster Club

I had a crush on toastmaster and joined it without any hesitation the first time when I ran into a regular meeting of Rich-Del club at Richmond library in Vancouver back in 2008. It was so inspiring. A few months later, I was asked to be VPM, I said Yes to this great opportunity.  In 2010, I moved back to Kunming and it’s on my wish list to share this great platform to people in Kunming. In Mar 2014, I founded Match Toastmasters Club and from then on, TM became a part of my life. I call it “ True Love” !

It’s my long-cherished wish to organize a conference in hometown. I attended conference 4 times, so I truly understand how tough the preparation will be. But I am filled with energy and motivation when I think of leading these creative and passionate member volunteers to hold a fabulous international event in our hometown, think of it is a great opportunity for more people in Kunming to know more about toastmaster. It’s also a great experience for me and everyone in the organizing committee to learn and to excel. 

Now the organizing committee is working really hard to provide you the best conference experience. This is the last fall conference and we believe the best always comes the last. 

Will Liu CC,ALB

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2017 Jul - 2018 Jun Division Direcor of Division Y , District 89
2016 Jul - 2017 Jun  Area Director of Area Y2, District 89
2015 Jul - 2015 Dec President of Match Toastmasters Club
2015 Jan - 2015 Jul  VPPR of Match Toastmasters Club

Home Club: Match TMC, Xuedu Metropolis TMC

In the spring of 2014, i joined toastmasters club for eliminating my stage fright and improving my confidence in public speaking, after 6 months participation of regular weekly meeting, i was completely motivated and energized by the passionate members all across the kunming, gradually i stepped into the leadership position in our club,area and division, those experiences made me realise that the best way to better oneself is to help more and more people to become better themselves by providing all the nessisary support behind the scene.

Thanks all Toastmasters in District 89 and Conference Chair Angela Chen for giving me this chance to work with the most inspiring team, generous supporters and enthusastic members.Kunming is getting ready for you to unlcok your potential and explore the unknow, with the faithful trust, Kunming November Fall Conference will definitely become the most memorable moments in our Toastmasters Journey.

Sisi Zhang, CC CL

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Co-chair, 2017 Kunming Fall Conferennce
2016-present Division Y Director-PR Assistant
2016-present VPPR of Ivy TMC

The day I made one of the wisest decisions in my life was the day I joined Match Toastmasters Club in 2014. I was completely overwhelmed by the passion of toastmasters, the prefessionism of the meeting organizers, and the friendliness of attendees. By presenting a perfect regular meeting, they showed me how we can make a change to ourselves as well as to people around us.

Being a local entreprenuer in Kunming, I am more than proud to contribute to the upcoming 2017 Kunming Fall Conference with Angela, Will, and many talented toastmasters in our committee. We have been working really hard with the hope of bringing you an astonishing conference experience. Yes, it is our greatest pleasure to serve.


Full conference details at d89toastmasters.org/conference.php!
- Ticket Prices
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- Keynote speaker
- further updates coming soon!

Welcome to 2017 Kunming Fall Conference to EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN in mysterious Yunnan!

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