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Zhuhai Fall Conference 2014 - Conference Chair Appointment Announcement

Publish Date: 2014-07-25

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

With the approval of District Governor Sarah He, DTM, I am delighted to announce the appointments of :

1. Oliver Wu, ACB, ALB as 2014 Zhuhai Fall Conference Chair, District 89, effective from July 1, 2014

2. Stephen Liao, CC, CL, as 2014 Zhuhai Fall Conference Co-Chair, District 89, effective from July 1, 2014

Oliver Wu,  ACB, ALB

2014 Zhuhai Fall Conference Chair, District 89

Area N1 Governor 2012-2013, District 89

President of Zhuhai Toastmasters Club 2012.1 –2012.6

VPPR of Zhuhai Toastmasters Club 2011.7 – 2011.12

Secretary of Zhuhai Toastmasters Club 2011.1 –2011.6

Treasurer of Zhuhai Toastmasters Club 2010.7-2010.12

VPM of Zhuhai Toastmasters Club 2010.1 – 2010.6

Home Club: Zhuhai Toastmasters Club


Oliver Wu Joined Toastmasters in September 2008, who grew up from a common member to VPM, Treasure, Secretary, VPPR, Club President and Area Governor. While serving as club president, he successfully led Zhuhai Toastmasters club to achieve the President Distinguished Club. While serving as Area N1 Governor, he successfully led Area N1 to be the President’s Distinguished Area. He believes that all these achievements are made by teamwork. A good team should challenge oneself constantly. Toastmasters club is a platform for members to support each other, to improve ourselves and to achieve excellence. For him, to be the Chair of District 89 Zhuhai Fall Conference is a new challenge for himself and his team. He will work with his strong team to present a wonderful Conference to you, he wants to say, “Hey, this is YOUR conference, this is YOUR STAGE”, see you all in Zhuhai, 2014!

Stephen Liao,  CC,CL

2014 Zhuhai Fall Conference Co-Chair, District 89

Area N1 Governor 2014-2015, District 89

Club president of Zhuhai Toastmasters Club 2011.1-2011.6

Club VPPR of Zhuhai Toastmasters Club 2010.7-2010.12

Club VPE of Zhuhai Toastmasters Club  2010.1-2010.6

Club SAA of Zhuhai Toastmasters Club  2009.7-2009.12

Home Club: Zhuhai Toastmasters Club

Stephen Liao joined Toastmasters in September 2008. Since then, he has been addicted to Toastmasters. Almost all his spare time has been occupied by the activities of Toastmasters, e.g., regular meetings, club officer meetings, contests, conferences, trainings, outings, KTV, etc. Among them, he loves the Toastmasters conference the most. So far, he has joined totally 7 conferences held in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau and Huizhou respectively. He was so excited when he knew Zhuhai is the host city of the Fall Conference 2014 that he applied for the conference co-chair at once. He is willing to serve all Toastmasters members from home and abroad. See you in Zhuhai Fall Conference, 2014!

Yours sincerely,

Derek Wong, DTM

Lieutenant Governor Education and Training 2014-2015

District 89, Toastmasters International

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