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Area Contest Results 2013

Publish Date: 2013-04-08


Area H1 Table Topics Contest:

1st: Talis WONG (Oasis)


3rd: Vivien WONG (New Asia College)

Area H1 International Speech Contest:

1st: Edward NG (Oasis)

2nd: Jeffery CHOW (HKUST MBA AL)

3rd: Vivien WONG (New Asia College)


Area H2 Table Topics Contest:

1st: Yunani ADAM (HK Achievers) 

2nd: William HO (HK Achievers)

3rd: Eva KWAN (HKMBA)

Area H2 International Speech Contest:

1st: Vanessa LI (HK Achievers) 

2nd: Felicia HIDAYAT (HKUST)

3rd: Eva KWAN (HKMBA)


Area H3 Table Topics Contest

1st Agnes LO (MDC)

2nd Carly LUI (MDC)

3rd Mandy KONG (Island)

Area H3 International Speech Contest:

1st P. H ONG (MDC)

2nd Ivy CHAN (Island)

3rd Khalid KHAN (Island)

H4 普通備稿演

冠軍:伍文曦 (Kowloon Putonghua)

亞軍:張海玲 (Health Century)

季軍:蔡秉端 (Mandarin HK)

H4 普通即興演

冠軍:邵傑良 (Mandarin HK)

亞軍:曾雪靈 (Kowloon Putonghua)

季軍:陳福添 (Bauhinia Mandarin)

H4 Table Topics Contest

1st Bitty NG (Kowloon Putonghua)

2nd Andrea ZHOU (S.H Ho Toastmasters)

3rd Edwin LUI (Bauhinia Mandarin)

Area H4 International Speech Contest

1st Jimmy NGAI (Health Century)

2nd Shirley TSANG (Kowloon Putonghua)

3rd Edwin LUI (Bauhinia Mandarin)


Area K1 Table Topics Contest:

1st: Ruth BENNY (Centraler)

2nd: Tina WONG (Synergy Advanced)

3rd: Cameron BURLESON (Shaw College)

Area K1 International Speech Contest:

1st: Talis WONG (Centraler)

2nd: Anita MAK (Synergy Advanced)


Area K2 Table Topics Contest:

1st: Chia-Huei TSENG (TGIT)

2nd: Daniel CHEUNG (ALE)

3rd: Mark YOUNG (TGIT)

Area K2 International Speech Contest:

1st: Demetris BOOTH (TGIT)

2nd: Chia-Huei TSENG (TGIT)

3rd: Derek CHEUNG (ALE)


Area K3 Table Topics Contest:

1st: Berthold CHUNG (Kowloon)

2nd: Judy TAM (Kowloon)

3rd: Vic SHE (Dynamic)

Area K3 International Speech Contest:

1st: Judy TAM (Kowloon)

2nd: Vic SHE (Dynamic)

3rd: Berthold CHUNG (Kowloon)


Area K4 Table Topics Contest

1st: Annie LAM (SpeechPower)

2nd: Josephine FUNG (SpeechPower)

Area K4 International Speech Contest (English):

1st Eddy TSE (SpeechPower)

K4 分區即興演講比賽 (廣東話):

冠軍: 何顯榮 (說藝)

: 梁德培 (宏利九龍B)

: 楊慧德 (宏利)

K4 備稿演 (廣東話):

: 顯榮 (說藝)

亞軍: 歐陽劍偉 (創動力)

: 吳國鏘 (宏利)


Area G1 Table Topics Contest:

1st: Andrew YEUNG (Hong Kong)

2nd: Louis LAM (GAP)

3rd: Flora NG (GAP)

Area G1 International Speech Contest:

1st: Andrew YEUNG (Hong Kong)

2nd: Louis LAM (GAP)

3rd: Sophia WONG (GAP)

Area G2 Table Topics Contest:

1st: Yogesh KUPOOR (Victoria)

2nd: Rebecca YU (HKU Space)

3rd: Sharon LEUNG (Victoria)

Area G2 International Speech Contest:

1st: Brian HODGSON (Victoria)

2nd: Victor TSANG (PolyU)

3rd: Sandeep MATHUR (Wayfoong)


Area G3 Table Topics Contest:

1st: Herbert LEE (PAG)

2nd: Sylvia Chang (Macau Mandarin)

3rd: Rebecca IEONG (Cotai)

Area G3 International Speech Contest:

1st: Ludimila Samira BARAI (PAG)

2nd: Americo VISEU (Macau Mandarin)

3rd: Rosa LOU (Macau)


Area G4 Table Topics Contest:

1st: Vanessa LI (HK Cantonese)

2nd: Sean LIN (POC)

Area G4 International Speech Contest (English):

1st: Sean LIN (POC)

2nd: SK LAU (POC)

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