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国际演讲会89大区2018重庆五月峰会(2018 Chongqing May Conference)是国际演讲会中国南区及西区(含港澳)最高级别的盛事。
Chongqing May Conference is the top event of our District 89, including more than 15 cities of China, including Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Chongqing.   

在为期三天(5月18日-20日)的会议期间,会有来自迪拜Toastmasters International前任全球主席- Mohammed Murad做两场主旨分享、还有来自世界各地的杰出会员以及企业高管为大家做将近10场的主题演讲与工作坊,用密集高效的方式提升参会者的领导力及沟通能力。
During the three days (5.18-5.20), the past Toastmasters International president- Mohammed Murad, from Dubai, is going to share two keynote address relate to leadership and communication skills. And our conference also has ten workshops from outstanding Toastmasters members, such as district speech contest champions and district leaders.

重庆,又被称做雾都、桥都和山城。她是目前中国最年轻的直辖市。嘉陵江在朝天门汇入长江。一幢幢高楼耸立山间,河流和山川养育着这座美丽的城市和3千万人口。各种各样的重庆美食深受来自四方的游客喜爱。而重庆的Toastmaster正如这座城市一样年轻和富有朝气。第一家Toastmasters 俱乐部成立于2010年,随后7年里,先后成立了6家俱乐部。如果您愿意来重庆参加峰会,重庆的每一位会员都会热情的接待您。
Chongqing, it is also like known as foggy city, bridge city and the mountain city. It is the youngest municipality directly under Chinese central government and one of the important city in southwest area of China. The Jialin river joined Yangtze river at Chaotianmen. Building stand in mountains. River and mountains raise the beautiful city and her population of 30 million. All kind of Chongqing food are favored by visitor from different place. Toastmasters in Chongqing is just young and passionate as the city. The first club was built in 2010, and another 6 clubs showed up in the next 7 years. Every Toastmasters member would like to warmly receive you.    

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