Toastmasters in China

The first Toastmasters club in mainland China was started in Shanghai in 1999. The first Toastmasters District in China, District 85, was established in the year of 2006-2007, and it has been a huge help and support for the establishment and growth of Toastmasters clubs around China. In the 4 years between 2006 and 2010, the number of Toastmasters Clubs in mainland China grew from about 20 to more than 100. Toastmasters Club in HK and Macau joined District 85 on July 1st, 2010. In the end of Jun 30, 2012, there are about 220 Toastmasters clubs in District 85, and over 7000 members. Under the rapid development of Toastmasters in China, a new district is ready to launch. The new district split from District 85 is District 89, established in July 1st, 2012.

The first Toastmasters Club in District 89 is Hong Kong Toastmasters Club, which was founded in 1954. Now Hong Kong and Macau have over 80 clubs, while the south and west part of mainland China have over 140 clubs. In District 89, we have Toastmasters Clubs established in the companies, colleges and communities. Most of the clubs are English clubs. We also have some Mandarin, Cantonese or Bilingual/Trilingual Toastmasters Clubs as well. Now we have more than 5,500 members in District 89.

中国大陆第一个演讲分会于1999年在上海成立。 国际演讲会在中国的第一个大区于2006至2007年间成立,其后大力支持和協助演讲分会在多个城市的创办和成长。从2006年到2010年,短短4年间,中国大陆的演讲分会由20个增加到100多个。港澳地区的演讲分会于2010年7月1日加入国际演讲会中国85大区;令中国85大区演讲分会总数,于2012年6月30日达220个,会员近7000名。国际演讲会在中国的快速发展下,促成新的大区──89大区,于2012 年7 月1 日正式从85大区拆分出来。

89大区第一个演讲分会是「香港演讲分会」,创建于 1954 年。目前,香港和澳门共有82个分会,而中国大陆的南部和西部共有140个分会。89大区分别为社区分会、 公司分会和高校分会。除了佔大多数的英语分会外,我们也有一些普通话、 广东话及双语演讲分会。 现时89大区会员总数近 5,500名。

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